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    Here's what our community achieved in 2019

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  • Our campaigns

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  • Our year in numbers

    Numbers aren't everything, but these figures are mighty impressive!


    petition signatures


    average donation to ActionStation


    volunteers who helped by meeting MPs, tackling racism online, collecting donations and signatures, proofreading, analysing data and much more


    raised for marginalised communities including Ihumaatao, Auckland Pride, young progressive independents running for council and Kia Mau


    collaborations with NGOs, community groups, tāngata whenua, researchers, students and others


    emails and letters sent to decision makers

  • Our income this year

    And what we've done with it

  • Will you donate to make 2020 even better?

    You don’t have to be a billionaire to make a big difference: all of us giving what we can adds up to a powerful force for a more beautiful, just and equitable Aotearoa.